Scones with poppy seeds and blueberry jam

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These tender and delicious scones inspired recipe Jamie Oliver. I recently got his book and just got hooked on scones! But the beginning of this madness put it this recipe. A little reworking it for themselves, want to treat you, friends!

Ingredients for Scones with poppy seeds and blueberry jam

Step by step instruction of cooking Scones with poppy seeds and blueberry jam

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The cold butter pieces, small sugar and sifted with the baking powder and the flour to break into crumbs in the bowl of a food processor.

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Pour into a bowl, add the grated zest and poppy seeds, mix well.

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Mix the egg with sour cream – 100 g – milk. Pour into flour mixture and quickly knead the dough. It is very important not to knead the dough much or scones will be dense and hard.

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Slightly prisypaya flour, roll out to a thickness of 1.5 see I like scones a little thinner than usual – so they are more crispy. Cutting edges dipped in flour, cut circles.

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Spread out on a Mat on the sheet, slightly brush with milk and sprinkle the top with poppy seeds.

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Bake in a preheated 180 degree oven for 15 minutes – to blush. Not peredergivaete – the color of the finished scones - rose-Golden, not brownish.

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Ready to remove scones from baking sheet and immediately, cut in half lengthwise, otherwise they will become too fragile. Cool on a wire rack.

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While scones are cooling, ricotta and whisk in powdered sugar, vanilla extract and sour cream until smooth. Spread a spoonful of cream on the bottom halves of the scones, spread the top with the spoon blueberry jam. Cover with second half and put a little jam on top of another.

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Garnish with fresh mint if desired, just sprinkle the top with powdered sugar and serve with a Cup of coffee – bliss!