Potato soup

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Sometimes you want to eat vegetable soup. Perfect and super-economical option-soup mashed potato. The site has a lot of variations of cooking, but as my saw. A classic recipe without the garlic, and cream.

Ingredients for Potato soup

Step by step instruction of cooking Potato soup

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For starters, the potato peel, cut by small cubes, pour cold water and put to boil.

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Carrots three on a grater, onion shred

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In a pan dissolve the butter, fry onion until transparent, add the carrots and fry all together until soft.

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After 15 minutes of boiling potatoes add to a pan of fried onions and carrots, sprinkle with salt, cook the vegetables until the potatoes begin to soft after boiling for 10-15 minutes

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When the potato is ready, remove the soup from the heat and begin to purinovmi our soup. I first used blender (attachment for making mashed potatoes), and then rubbed the resulting mass through a sieve. Very gentle consistency without a single lump. Now put the pan again on the stove, pour in the cream, add favorite spices, I added black pepper, and allow to boil.

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Once the soup is boiling, turn off the oven and call everyone to lunch). Serve the soup with greens and croutons, you can add sour cream. Turned out very tender, delicious and hearty soup. Kids really love this. Bon appetit