Tomato jam with a side dish

240 - 25 минут 6 порции

You haven't tried jam out of tomatoes? Then come on in! It is better and tastier every purchase of ketchup goes well with rice, buckwheat, polenta, vegetables and meat. It is best to do ripe summer tomatoes, but winter is also nice. Will definitely cook!

Ingredients for Tomato jam with a side dish

Step by step instruction of cooking Tomato jam with a side dish

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To garnish the jam I used the rice in boiling bags "Mistral", it perfectly emphasizes bright taste of the tomatoes. The rice I boiled in advance and cooled.

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Tomatoes blanchere - fill for a moment with boiling water and remove the skins.

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Remove seeds and finely chop. Send in a saucepan, add vinegar, sugar and salt to taste. If you like sourer, put less sugar (0.5 tsp.), if you want more sweet taste of the jam, put up to 2 tsp.

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Ovarium on a fairly strong heat without a lid until thick. I Uvarov in 20 minutes. For a couple of minutes before end of boiling add the whole garlic clove, peeled, vegetable oil and thyme. Remove from the heat.