Chicken liver "Interesting"

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Been known to all of course, the friends, the liver can not imagine! With her tasty dishes are, sometimes we are very they help! The result is a wonderful, all delicious! Well, who the cabbage and the liver loves! We are wine a little more add sour cream and cheese then dressed!

Ingredients for Chicken liver "Interesting"

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken liver "Interesting"

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Rinse to cleanse the liver, sprinkle with a little wine, and pepper to taste, leave for 10 minutes

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Shred cabbage

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Carrots cut into slices, cubes, petals.., onion half-rings

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Gently stew in a pan with vegetable oil onions and carrots

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Add the cabbage

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Fry all the vegetables

Шаг 8

Add liver

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Fry the liver with the vegetables, just a few minutes, pour the wine and sauté for a little while

Шаг 10

Mix the sour cream, herbs, garlic

Шаг 11

Add sour cream in the liver, add grated cheese (cheese by the way, you can immediately mix with sour cream) salt, check for seasoning

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Bring to a boil and turn off

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The dish is ready.

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Bon appetit!