Sorrel soup with rice

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If you cook the broth in advance, you can very quickly cook or fill up this spicy soup. Also quite tasty in lean mode, i.e. start cooking with step "potatoes". Sorrel used from winter preparation, but you can use at the moment and fresh. Slightly spicy, not much acidity prevails, the full balance of taste!

Ingredients for Sorrel soup with rice

Step by step instruction of cooking Sorrel soup with rice

Шаг 1

Cover with cold water soup set. I have a bone with meat and a piece of smoked meat for flavor. To boil, remove the foam or to refresh the water, as some do. Carrots cook as desired for broth, you can do one carrot later fried. Add salt to taste.

Шаг 2

When the broth will boil an hour and a half, proceed directly to the soup. Peel the potatoes, cut in half.

Шаг 3

Put into hot broth and keep cooking.

Шаг 4

Grate the carrots, onions, garlic grind.

Шаг 5

In the frying pan butter and pour the vegetables, add Chile to taste.

Шаг 6

Keep frying, stirring occasionally.

Шаг 7

In the broth add the rice about half a bag.

Шаг 8

Use delicious basmati rice from TM"Mistral".

Шаг 9

Then zazharku from the pan.

Шаг 10

Subsequently, take out the potatoes from the broth and mash with a fork or potato masher.

Шаг 11

Send the potato puree back into the soup.

Шаг 12

Bring to a simmer soup. You can stand to give, and you can eat immediately.

Шаг 13

Pour into servings.

Шаг 14

Served with sour cream.

Шаг 15

I have filed with the useful bread with seeds and cereals.

Шаг 16

Ate! In the heat you can eat in the form of heat.