Liver with buckwheat "Fruity"

334 - 20 минут 2 порции

Very simple, but delicious interpretation of the classic combination of fried onions with liver and buckwheat side dish. The fruity flavours of the sauce in which stewed liver, create harmony in a dish, and a little "hide" its specific taste that not everyone likes. And crumbly buckwheat TM "Mistral" for garnish - it is the best choice.

Ingredients for Liver with buckwheat "Fruity"

Step by step instruction of cooking Liver with buckwheat "Fruity"

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I have a number of requirements for the meals I choose to prepare. First, they do not require long stay in the kitchen. Second, they should be useful. And finally, delicious.
In prepared according to this recipe the liver all these requirements are met.
For the side dish I chose buckwheat TM "Mistral" bags, which is very convenient, because it does not need to sort, wash, and most importantly - she always get crumbly.

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As soon as boil water for cooking cereals, podsalvage her and drop the bags with buckwheat. Takes about 20 minutes. Parallel to this, heat in a pan with vegetable oil. I used olive. Add the onions and fry it for 1-2 minutes until transparent.

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Now it is the turn of liver. Put it to the onions and fry for 2 minutes, that it "grabbed".

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Then add grated Apple, fry for 1 minute. Then diminish the fire, pour some hot boiling water and close the lid. If Apple gave a lot of juice, the water can not be added.

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When the 20 minutes are up, pull out the bags with buckwheat from the water, allow it to drain. Careful not to burn yourself, pour the buckwheat bags and set the table.

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So fast, in just 20 minutes, we cooked a delicious and healthy dish. I really hope that, despite its simplicity, it will become one of Your favorites.
Bon appetit!