Real sauce "Tartarus"

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Fish lovers, fans of birds! Because the sauce always us they will come in handy! So many recipes of Tartarus we know! And the best in taste choose! Friends, offer a great recipe! It has no mayonnaise, sour cream. And even we might be surprised, no need in mustard! Believe me, the best, real! A little effort and you're done! To dishes exactly the right! Soft, creamy, airy and so flavorful! Very easy, very delicious, velvety, a piquant!

Ingredients for Real sauce "Tartarus"

Step by step instruction of cooking Real sauce "Tartarus"

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Pour the eggs with cold water, put to boil.
Attention! One yolk should be runny, and the second hard boiled. Soft-boiled and it needs to be liquid, that as soon as the water boils, feel free to count to 60 and get! Will not overdo.
Then gently separate the yolks that the protein does not hit them

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The yolks add salt and pepper and add a little sugar. Mix well with a whisk until smooth without lumps.

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Now we will do a lot to beat. Drop it drop! pour the oil carefully and intensely whisking the egg yolks with a whisk after each drop. After 2 tbsp of added oil can be quicker to start to pour the oil, but only a little!

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When half the oil has already been added (about 70 ml), add lemon juice and whisk well again! The mass turns white and becomes more liquid

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Cucumber, olives and garlic, finely chop

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Add to egg mixture

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Add chopped greens

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Mix and put into the refrigerator for an hour to infuse.

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The tartare is ready

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Serve with your favorite dishes

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Bon appetit!