Buns "Almond"

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Home baked goods will not disappoint you with its taste. Baked rolls "Almond"...

Ingredients for Buns "Almond"

Step by step instruction of cooking Buns "Almond"

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Ingredients for making almond muffins

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Add to the bowl 1/2 Cup of milk. Milk heat. Add sugar (1 tablespoon). Of the total amount of flour take 1 tbsp. spoon and add to warm milk. Mixture stir well, then add 4 oz. granulated yeast. The mixture is again thoroughly mixed, cover with a towel and put in warm place to dissolve the yeast. After a certain time on the surface of the formed cap of fine bubbles. The dough is ready

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In the dough add 1 egg yolk. Stir the mixture

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In a bowl, combine the rest of the flour and 1 tablespoon of almond flour. The mixture is mixed thoroughly

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Butter (30 gr.) melt, cool, add to yeast mixture, add the rest of sugar and salt (0.5 teaspoon). Then serving add a mixture of wheat and almond flour

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Knead the dough. The capacity with the dough, cover with cling film or towel and put in warm place to rise. After the first rise punch down the dough and put to rise again. You can then begin cutting rolls

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Divide the dough into 8 equal parts. To make the side notches with a cooking scissors

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Lower the tail slightly to stretch, to roll out in the shape of a tongue. Then make small round thus we would get a small flagellum. Then this small tow - rope wrap bun, ponytail tuck under the bottom buns.

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We will get these buns

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Buns to put on should stay on for 15-20 min Then brush with beaten egg sprinkle with almonds and put in a preheated C180-190C oven for baking. Bake until ready. I want to note that I give only an approximate temperature of the oven everyone is different and everyone needs to focus on the capabilities of your oven

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Buns ready

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The finished rolls sprinkle with powdered sugar

Enjoy your tea!