Vanilla and strawberry pannacotta

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Here came the long-awaited strawberry season, when it is simply impossible to pass by the aroma in the local markets. And how incredibly delicious desserts you can prepare with this berry! Italian Panna cotta I always cook only with the onset of summer, with fresh berries, what a treat it even more like waiting adults and children. Despite the fact that the Panna cotta can be prepared in any season, we fell in love that summer, refreshing option. The recipe comes from the cookbook of restaurant dishes and slightly adapted himself.

Ingredients for Vanilla and strawberry pannacotta

Step by step instruction of cooking Vanilla and strawberry pannacotta

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The first thing you need to boil all milk (180 g) and cool slightly.
Now prepare the vanilla layer. Measure out 5g of gelatin and soak it in milk 50g 15 minutes. Then dissolve gelatin in a water bath and let cool for 5 minutes.

Шаг 2

180g cream, beat until thick, add sugar and vanilla. Continuing to whisk, beat in gelatin.
Pour the vanilla Panna cotta in the bowls or pour into one large form. Put in refrigerator until firm.

Шаг 3

Again measure out the gelatin and pour 50g of milk for 15 minutes, after dissolving in a water bath.
Strawberries grind in a blender, you can just mash with a spoon or cut into slices.

Шаг 4

For penalty 180g strawberry whip cream with sugar. Add remaining milk, gelatin, continuing to whisk. After beat in the strawberry puree and pour on top of the molds.
Put into the fridge.

Шаг 5

Decorate as desired, I am part sprinkled with grated chocolate, part coconut. The original recipe was suggested to sprinkle the Panna cotta with slices of sponge cake.
When everything freezes - you can enjoy a gentle, pleasant and so are simply divine dessert that everyone who the Panna cotta tasted, asks supplements and cries "Enough!" :)))
Incredibly simple to prepare, but impossible to put down! Prepare the Panna cotta you will not regret the time spent.