Whitefish, stuffed with onion and dill

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By the will of an unpredictable destiny, I moved to live in the wonderful Siberian city of Tyumen. And sold there are many delicious fish from Northern and Siberian rivers and lakes. Such fish in my Nizhny Novgorod region no. However, I wasn't looking, because he did not know of its existence. Offer a simple recipe for fish cheer (or Shakur), as for whitefish. If your region of such fish is not, then, frankly, I don't know what to replace. The recipe, in my opinion, not troublesome and almost diet :)) was found on the Internet, many thanks to the unknown author.

Ingredients for Whitefish, stuffed with onion and dill

Step by step instruction of cooking Whitefish, stuffed with onion and dill

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Here are the products we will need for this dish. If not olive oil, I guess you could replace the sunflower. Everything you need clean, wash, remove unnecessary. The head of a fish to cut is not necessary, the fins also do not have. The abdomen is carefully cut in order to subsequently fill it with stuffing.

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Cut 1 onion in half rings, not too dill very finely (without fanaticism).

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Now add 2 tablespoons of oil, juice of half a lemon, salt and sugar to taste. You can do without sugar, to your taste. Salt as you have salted the salad, say...

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The prepared fish with salt and pepper, smear the remaining butter on the outside (inside is filling with oil) and fill with a mixture of onions and dill. Try to do it tight enough. If all the stuffing had not got onion (large or small fish) - not terrible, just lay it on top of fish. This time I fit everything inside. Securing edges of the abdomen with toothpicks.

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Now take the second onion and lemon, cut them in half, cut off the rough ends to the halves stood steadily on the baking sheet. I placed them diagonally of the pan, because otherwise the fish will not fit. In the original recipe the fish laid only on a lemon, and I think this option is more economical )). On top put the remaining stuffing (if left) and slices of lemon. I did not put the lemon, I acid enough. Gently place our fish on "podium" correct if necessary.

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Here it is our beauty is :) you can Now turn on the oven to 180 - 200 degrees (be guided by your experience), during warm up, the fish are a little saturated with salt and the juices of the filling. Bake for 35 -45 minutes depending on the size of the fish.

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Well here is the result

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Serve with whatever you want or eat it without the dressing is still delicious. I want to say that onion in the stuffing after baking becomes "boiled". It turns out both pickled and crispy.