Country cabbage "Peace" with the stew

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Sometimes it is that home or cottage "empty". And hungry, and not just anyhow, but delicious! Then comes to the aid of our native stew. Its reserves by farmers themselves. I suggest You make "spiritual" cabbage. Not only that, it is very tasty, rich, and even prepared quickly, literally while cooking the rice. On the palate, it reminds me Bulgarian, or Hungarian cabbage with rice in the tin can from my childhood. In the result You have on the table a beautiful meal. Bring your pet to the table, and have a great time get-togethers!

Ingredients for Country cabbage "Peace" with the stew

Step by step instruction of cooking Country cabbage "Peace" with the stew

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The products that we need

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While boiling water to boil the rice, Nachinaem cabbage. For this dish I boiled parboiled rice "amber" company "Mistral". It is important for us that this figure is not glued, it is not necessary to pre-wash to add to the finished dish.

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Grate the carrots and cucumber.

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Stew open, to shift in a bowl, with a fork to disassemble the pieces of this size, what You like.

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In a deep frying pan or pot heat the oil with the addition of the fat from the corned beef, of course, if a lot of fat, oil add is not necessary.

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Cook the carrots.

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To the carrots add the cucumbers, stir and fry for 5 minutes. Add corned beef and fry all together.

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To the carrots, cucumbers, and stew add tomato paste, stir, and saute a minute while stirring.

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For the sauce pour the broth from the stew, mix well.

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Immediately add shredded cabbage, mix well. Add 0.5 cups of hot boiled water. Cover and simmer on medium heat for 5-7 minutes.

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Now, when all the ingredients are "friends", you can try on salt and sugar. From this is not worth it, as stew and cucumbers already contain salt. Add what you need, pepper. If you want more sauce, just add hot water. Cover and simmer on medium heat 15 to 25 minutes. It all depends on Your preferences. My family does not like cooked vegetables, so it took me 15 minutes.

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3 minutes before end of cooking rice, pull it to drain the water. Add in the cabbage is almost ready, stir and then under the lid for 2-3 minutes.

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The rice will have soaked with sauce. It will be very juicy and very tasty. I mentioned above that taste it reminds me of Bulgarian cabbage with rice in the tin can. The same sourness with a slight kick, the same taste sensations. Well, very "spiritual" cabbage! Do not regret it. Bon appetit!