Fish in a spicy coat with rice

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Fish for this recipe turns out very juicy, flavorful, delicious under a coat, rice perfect as a side dish. Only 20 minutes and a great dish on the table! Gardeners, I recommend! This dish is safe to invite the neighbors ). The idea was taken from the Internet and a little Podstrana under personal taste.

Ingredients for Fish in a spicy coat with rice

Step by step instruction of cooking Fish in a spicy coat with rice

Шаг 1

Cold pan greased with butter.

Шаг 2

Fish cut into serving-size pieces with two sides sprinkle with spices and a little salt.

Шаг 3

Put the fish in a cold pan with oil.

Шаг 4

Cut onion finely dice, add the defrosted spinach and carrots in Korean (I cut the carrots, making it shorter).

Шаг 5

Add to vegetables spices, dry garlic, a little salt and sour cream, mix fish "coat" finish.

Шаг 6

Spread the vegetables on the fish and put the pan on the fire, cover with a lid.

Шаг 7

At the same time place in boiling salted water sachets with rice.

Шаг 8

Once the frying pan "Taskforce", remove the heat to low and cook for 15-20 minutes (depends on thickness of fish fillet), finished fish is supposed to be in a small amount of sauce. Turn off the heat.

Шаг 9

The rice is ready. Take out the tea bags, drain the water and spread on dishes with fish. Serve immediately!