Homemade cake "Snickers"

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There is nothing easier than to cook this delicious cake called "Snickers". This name he received because of their taste similarity with this beloved chocolate. Lots and lots of nuts, airy sponge cake and sweet cream is something that will make you return to this recipe again and again! Try it – it's insanely delicious!

Ingredients for Homemade cake "Snickers"

Step by step instruction of cooking Homemade cake "Snickers"

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1. Six eggs, separate the whites from the yolks. Whisk the whites on medium speed of mixer a few minutes.

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2. Gradually add the sugar and vanilla and continue whisking with a mixer until the sugar is dissolved. The same must be done with egg yolks.

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4. The dough for sponge cake pour in ovenproof form and put it in preheated oven at 180 degrees for 30-40 minutes.

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5. Prepare the cream. For this you need to whisk the heavy cream, gradually adding one tablespoon of condensed milk.

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6. Grind the peanuts, add it to the cream and mix well.

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7. Ready sponge cake cut into three parts and each part promazhte cream.

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8. Top cake decorate at will. I decorated with nuts and cut into pieces of a Snickers candy bar.

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9. The finished cake refrigerate, preferably overnight, and then the next day you will not be able to break away from this cake! All a pleasant appetite!