Chicken fried sausages grilled

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Sausages are homemade have always been out of competition. And if they are still cooked on the grill, it's all a fairy tale. Help yourself.

Ingredients for Chicken fried sausages grilled

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken fried sausages grilled

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Chicken flesh divide into two equal parts. One noise along with the bacon, onion and garlic through a meat grinder. Second, finely chop. Connect both parts, add the soy sauce "Kikkoman" and mixed with seasoning salt. Mix well. In a meat grinder, put the nozzle for the formation of sausages, it fit the belly fat, tying it to the end. Turn on the grinder and formed kupaty what You like.

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Fry our fried sausages until cooked on the grill greased with refined vegetable oil to prevent sticking.

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While our kupaty are roasted, we cut the onion and herbs, stir. Add the soy sauce "Kikkoman" mix.

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Ready kupaty put the onions, stir and cover, leave for 5-10 min. serve.