Steak of Turkey in a spicy marinade

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Sooooo easy to prepare dish easier nowhere, and the result is excellent. Tender flavorful meat.

Ingredients for Steak of Turkey in a spicy marinade

Step by step instruction of cooking Steak of Turkey in a spicy marinade

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For the marinade onion to crank through a meat grinder or grate. Or just finely chop.
To the onions add olive oil, pleasure! mineral water, seasoning, oregano, salt and pepper, mix well.

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Turkey fillet cut into portions, lightly beat off, pour the marinade and leave in the fridge for a day.

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One hour before cooking, add ketchup, mix well.

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Roast Turkey fillet grilled with two sides for 4 minutes each side (or bake in oven, or saute in olive oil or on the grill pan or on the grill).

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Garnish a good idea to apply fresh vegetables.

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Bon appetit!