Rice with a delicate green sauce

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Chicken rice - a usual combination, spicy flavor which will give gently-spicy sauce. The chicken I usually soak in the marinade in the morning and in the afternoon at the cottage fry it on the grill on fire. This time the weather let us down, and grill electric. Of course, the chicken can fry in a pan and bake in the oven. The preparation time excluding the marinating Breasts. Suddenly I have the taste of leaf celery, which I try everywhere in the summer add. In gratitude celery in our country is growing like a tree!

Ingredients for Rice with a delicate green sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Rice with a delicate green sauce

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The products that we need

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On tracing paper to pour salt and pepper mixture, roll the fillet.

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Lightly beat the fillet with a rolling pin, just for the fact that it would have been the same thickness.

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Mix the sour cream, yogurt, mustard and lemon juice.

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Brush the lamb fillets one or two tablespoons of sour cream mixture ( depending on number of fillets) is Better if the fillets will promarinuetsya at least an hour.

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Put on to cook the rice and hard boiled eggs. To sour cream mixture, add chopped parsley and leaf celery, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper to taste.

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Fry the chicken breast on the grill for 12-15 minutes.

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Finely chop boiled egg

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Allow to drain ready rice

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Spread the rice, fillets, pour the green sauce and sprinkle with chopped egg. Alternatively, the egg can be spliced to add to the sauce and stir.