Appetizer of zucchini

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Very tasty and spicy appetizer of zucchini and pumpkin seeds. Delicious as a separate dish, and as an aperitif.

Ingredients for Appetizer of zucchini

Step by step instruction of cooking Appetizer of zucchini

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Our products for preparation.
This snack my friend tried one buffet restaurant and taste of these zucchini slightly sweet, very similar to the Swedish cucumbers are pickled, they are sweet and slightly salty. To taste you can add lemon juice before serving.

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Zucchini cut into thin ribbons with a mandoline and put in a deep bowl.

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Peel the garlic and cut in half. Pour water into the pan, put garlic and black pepper and put on fire. Bring to boil. Add the boiling water, salt, sugar, vinegar. Stir on and off.
Pour boiling marinade the courgettes and allow to cool.

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On a dry pan to bake the seeds until Golden brown. I do it in the microwave. Drain the marinade from the zucchini. Add the vegetable oil, seeds and mix. Help yourself to health!
Bon appetit!