Zucchini rolls with cheese

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Summer will soon come and harvest the zucchini will make the hosts once again to think "what to do with zucchini?" That is why I want to share a simple recipe that will decorate your table, and real gourmets will appreciate the taste.

Ingredients for Zucchini rolls with cheese

Step by step instruction of cooking Zucchini rolls with cheese

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Cook foods, the amount in the recipe indicated approximately, because I have a big family, and preparing rolls are always a lot.

Шаг 2

Clean the zucchini and cut lengthwise. Try not to cut too thick and not too thin.
Cheese RUB on a small grater.
Garlic is also clean and RUB on a small grater

Шаг 3

Zucchini dip them in flour and fry on both sides in vegetable oil.
Cheese and garlic mix with mayonnaise. From myself I will add that mayonnaise have to put so much that the spoon was standing in the cheese-mayonnaise mixture.

Шаг 4

On fried zucchini blend cheese-mayonnaise mixture and rolled into rolls.

Шаг 5

Here is our zucchini rolls with cheese ready.
I want to add that salt in this recipe I use rarely, because mayonnaise and cheese are themselves salty.
Once the rolls are ready, put in the fridge so they were cold.

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Bon appetit!