Stewed meat with re-fried

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The meat is first stewed in the oven quiet way (at a temperature of 85°), and then baked in the oven until crisp. The result is a tender and soft meat, retaining all of its juices, but with a delicious crust, like a hot grill.

Ingredients for Stewed meat with re-fried

Step by step instruction of cooking Stewed meat with re-fried

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The meat (I had pork) for this dish you can take any, even with veins and films. Due to the long heat treatment, the meat is well softened.

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We put the meat into a suitable bowl, cover with a lid. I used a deep pan. Send the meat in the oven and tormented for the meat five or six hours at a temperature of 85 degrees. Due to the reduced temperature of cooking the meat is much juicier than conventional quenching and especially frying. Vein and film melted as it happens with the jelly from the drumstick.

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When the meat is ready, drain from the pan a large part of the heated fluid. It is possible to quickly prepare excellent sauce. The meat itself is cut (I did it directly in the pan) on medium-sized pieces and put the frying pan without lid back into the oven. Set temperature 200 degrees, turn on the top grill, if available, and keep until the meat is delicious fried crust.