Shrimp on skewers for a picnic

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I love seafood any way... but the shrimp are grilled, especially if they are large and fleshy, not marinated and soaked in a suitable and enhance the flavors, impregnation before and after roasting on the coals, I assure you, just "can capture mind!" Ready in minutes, not only delicious, but also useful!

Ingredients for Shrimp on skewers for a picnic

Step by step instruction of cooking Shrimp on skewers for a picnic

Шаг 1

Thread shrimp on skewers, I have them large, fits only 3-piece, pierced the shrimp in 2 places;

Шаг 2

To prepare the spray, mix the liquid ingredients and finely-chopped garlic;

Шаг 3

Using a brush dip the shrimp mixture on all sides.
Plate, which remained impregnation aside, do not empty;

Шаг 4

Fry the shrimp for literally half a minute on each side on the grill over the coals (if your shrimp were originally raw, you may need a little more time to fry up their redness);

Шаг 5

Still hot shrimp back into the bowl with the impregnation and dip them again or place them on a dish feed and walk with a brush soaked in hot shrimp;

Шаг 6

Serve skewers with shrimp necessarily with thin slices of lemon, greens, fine is also suitable olives/black olives;
Bon appetit!