Soup "Delicious and simple"

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Delicious and easy to prepare spicy soup!

Ingredients for Soup "Delicious and simple"

Step by step instruction of cooking Soup "Delicious and simple"

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Chicken fillet cut into cubes and fry in vegetable oil.

Шаг 2

Cut onion into small cubes, carrots grate on a grater, grind the garlic and add all to the meat.

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Add 2 tablespoons of tomato paste (finely sliced tomatoes if you have), simmer 5 minutes, in the meantime, boil the kettle and peel potatoes.

Шаг 4

Shift the contents of the pan into a saucepan, add coarsely chopped potatoes, pepper, salt, Bay leaf and pour a liter of boiling water. Cover with a lid and cook until the potatoes are done.

Шаг 5

In the end add finely chopped greens. Bon appetit!