Tender chicken on the technology of sous-vide

428 - 50 минут 2 порции

Wanted to try sous-vide - cooking under vacuum at low temperatures. That's the beginning. Very soft, tender and juicy chicken breast, without much hassle. Very flavorful here and the aroma of the chicken is heard clearly, and herbs are fragrant. All by itself, prepared, supervision is not required. I liked it.

Ingredients for Tender chicken on the technology of sous-vide

Step by step instruction of cooking Tender chicken on the technology of sous-vide

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The desired temperature for chicken is 65 degrees. I have a slow cooker with the function of Multipower, that put the temperature, poured the water. Time - 50 minutes.

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Fillet wash, dry, prisolit to taste and sprinkle with favorite herbs. I love chicken with rosemary and marjoram.

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Put the fillets in a bag and put on top of some butter thin round slices. For the su-of view of the desired vacuum. I brought myself from China vasomotor. You can take the package with zip-fastener, to attach the product to insert a straw for a cocktail and close the bag before the tube. Then put the package in cold water to the level of the clasp and release the air through a tube. Then sharply pull out the straw and close the package completely. If you want you can find a video of the process online.

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Lower the package in the bowl of the slow cooker and forget about it for 50 minutes. After the allotted time remove the package, carefully open and spread hot fillet on a plate.

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Serve with any side dish, better with the vegetables cooked gently maximum to create a harmony of flavors.