Aromatic mackerel grilled

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Mackerel or love, or do not like the taste at all. I am one of those who loves mackerel. But I think that the taste of this fish is so self-sufficient that it only be stress that without spoiling a lot of spices. Taste?

Ingredients for Aromatic mackerel grilled

Step by step instruction of cooking Aromatic mackerel grilled

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Mackerel is quite a fatty fish, but the oil in the marinade is better to add, then the fish will not stick to the grill. Soy sauce will impart a smoked taste and a Golden hue. Coriander you can not add, but for my taste it is not superfluous. And salt if not enough soy sauce will be enough. Mix all ingredients for the marinade.

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Rinse fish, gut it. Cut off the fins, leaving the head, gills to remove without fail.

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Pour carcass marinade no less than 30 minutes, but not more than 2 hours.

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After some time marinating in the abdomen to put 2-3 sprigs of parsley and a few lemon slices.

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Put the carcass on the grill.

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To ignite the grill. Wait for the "gray" coal

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Put the grate on the grill.

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The fish is prepared quickly, 10-15 minutes depending on size. The willingness of the fish to check near the ridge.

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Serve the mackerel with the lemon slices.

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Bon appetit!