Baked eggplant. Preparation for the winter

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These eggplant I usually make on the grill and used then in a salad with other roasted vegetables. And always only on nature. Then I had the idea to do the same in the form of preparations for the winter. So the cooked eggplant can be eaten: 1) as a separate side dish, 2) as a base for eggs or 3) to make winter salad. Since my grill is not always at hand, I decided to replace it an oven. The result pleased me. The eggplant turned out fragrant and delicious. Harvested eggplants can be stored on a shelf in the closet. All winter I was delighted their friends and relatives a salad made on the basis of this procurement. Salad recipe you will find here. Help yourself!

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Ingredients for Baked eggplant. Preparation for the winter

Step by step instruction of cooking Baked eggplant. Preparation for the winter

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Eggplant wash, cut off the stems, dry. Garlic peel and cut into slides or as you like.
On the Internet many ways of baking. You can choose the most comprehensible to you.
I make a baking sheet with foil, lightly sprayed with vegetable oil. Stack the eggplant. Put in pre heated oven to 250 degrees in the grill mode + convection for 20 - 30 minutes on the top shelf. Readiness check by clicking on the eggplant. The crust on top maybe even a little burn. Normal, it will still be removed.
Roasted eggplant spread in a pan, cover with a lid. Under the hood, the eggplant slightly cool, will flounder and they will be easy to remove the skin.

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With the cooled eggplant, remove the skin gently. I better soaked in brine made incisions into 4 pieces from the outer part of the tail, more solid parts. But not until the end.