Trout "Pink dream"

68 - 40 минут -

The secret of the unusual taste, softness and juiciness of this dish, enclosed in a marinade based on Apple puree and cranberries, which eventually made the sauce. Fish it turns a beautiful pink color. And if You have no way to cook fish on the coals, you are safe to do on an electric grill or in the oven, it turns out not less tasty. Prepared in minutes. You can take not only trout, but also any red fish.

Ingredients for Trout "Pink dream"

Step by step instruction of cooking Trout "Pink dream"

Шаг 1

Put spices, add 3 tbsp. of soy sauce from TM "Kikkoman" natural fermentation and stir. Add salt to taste if You feel sour, add sugar.

Шаг 2

Trout, cut into steaks of any thickness (I like thin - about 1,5-2 cm) or get ready. Pour marinade on the fish and very carefully spread over the fish, trying not to mix, how to coat each piece in the marinade. Let stand for 30 minutes. But if there is time, you can cook at once.

Шаг 3

Marinated steaks put on the grill-grill and bring the coals until tender, turning occasionally grill. You can use the oven or grill. Cooking time depends on thickness of pieces. I closed the grill takes about 5 minutes.

Шаг 4

Make a sauce. To do this, pour into a saucepan, or in a small pan, 100ml of water, add the remaining fish marinade and bring to a boil. (I still need to add the remaining berries to the cake, and then pass the finished sauce through a sieve.) Allow to simmer for 1-2min. In the remaining water dissolve the starch and a thin stream pour in the sauce, stirring constantly. Leave to cook for another two minutes. A taste, if necessary add salt, sugar and any spices. Allow to cool. If You want more sauce, take more water.

Шаг 5

The finished fish is served with sauce, but without sauce it is also very good! You can decorate with berries.
Bon appetit!