Squid grilled Mediterranean

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Long known that the abundance of fish dishes in the Mediterranean diet gives good health and longevity to the people of this region. In addition to seafood in the diet of the inhabitants of this region includes a lot of greens, vegetables, fruits, olive oil and young, pickled cheeses that blend perfectly together. The grilling helps to find a compromise between her love for fried and craving for healthy food. Squid are very suitable for grilling, since their preparation takes a little time and they look very appetizing.

Ingredients for Squid grilled Mediterranean

Step by step instruction of cooking Squid grilled Mediterranean

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Prepare ingredients for marinade. The basis is a classic Mediterranean marinade. The addition of pickled ginger and teriyaki sauce TM Kikkoman adds a spicy Oriental note and harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the ingredients.

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For the marinade grind in a blender the Basil, lemon balm, chili with teriyaki sauce TM Kikkoman, olive oil, ginger, lime juice, and sugar.

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Put in the marinade carcasses squid and leave it under load for a couple of hours.

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Feta mixed with boiled, peeled shrimp.

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Get the squid from the marinade and dry it thoroughly with paper towels. This is very important because squid contains a lot of moisture and if not dried, it will not roasted, and boiled in their own juice or stick to the grill. Then squid stuffed with a small amount of Feta with shrimp, sbryzgivaem and wipe the carcass with olive oil. Do on the body small incisions.

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Advice on cooking techniques.
1. The temperature of the grill should be high, because the squid cooks very quickly, about 2-3 minutes on each side or the meat will become rubbery.
2. do not pour the marinade. If you bring it to a simmer for a few minutes, then it can apply to the squid from the grill as the sauce.