Pies with liver and chopped egg

144 - 180 минут -

Homemade cakes will delight your family and friends.

for Easter

Ingredients for Pies with liver and chopped egg

Step by step instruction of cooking Pies with liver and chopped egg

Шаг 1

Milk (200 ml.) is heated. In a bowl with milk add 1.5 tablespoons of sugar

Шаг 2

Add the yeast (7 gr.).

Шаг 3

Of the total amount of flour to take 2 tablespoons and add to the milk mixture. Bowl cover with a towel and put in warm place to dissolve the yeast

Шаг 4

After a certain time on the surface of the formed cap of fine bubbles. The dough is ready

Шаг 5

Add in the yeast mixture, salt (1 teaspoon), add 2 egg yolks, add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. Butter (30 gr.) melt, cool, add to the dough

Шаг 6

Add the remaining flour. Knead the dough. The dough cover with a towel and put in warm place to rise.

Шаг 7

After the first rise punch down the dough and put to rise again. After you are ready to cook pies

Шаг 8

Onions cut in small cubes

Шаг 9

Add into the pan vegetable oil (3 tbsp.)

Шаг 10

Sauté onions until light Golden brown

Шаг 11

The liver (300 gr.) boil, mince

Шаг 12

In a pan add missing through a meat grinder liver, add 3 tablespoons of boiling water, the Pan back on a slow fire. The liver is lightly stewed with onions until the liquid is evaporated

Шаг 13

Then add 70 g. butter, salt and ground black pepper to taste. Brown the livers on a slow fire. If you cook the pies in a family where there are children, that black pepper should be deleted!

Шаг 14

Eggs (2 PCs.) to boil, chop into crumbs

Шаг 15

Add the egg to the stuffing of the liver

Шаг 16

Divide the dough into equal pieces, molded pellet d 10 cm For each pancake, put cooked stuffing

Шаг 17

The edges of the pancake to take in the form of a boat

Шаг 18

Formed into patties pumps. Cakes spread on a baking sheet, covered with baking paper

Шаг 19

Cakes to grease with beaten egg and send in a preheated t180-190S the oven. Bake until done

Шаг 20

Bon appetit!