Drink serum "Exotics"

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Bought a drink "Mazhitel," I read of and was surprised to find that it was made on the basis of serum. Well. this stuff I have a lot :), so I decided to do. The drink turned out delicious, healthy, easy and nutritious!

Ingredients for Drink serum "Exotics"

Step by step instruction of cooking Drink serum "Exotics"

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Our products. The serum is fresh, two-day.
Bananas can be put two, then the drink will be more dense.
We had one.
Fruit wash, peel, cut into small pieces.

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Sent in the bowl of a blender. Grind into a puree.
In a separate container mix milk, whey.
Add fruit puree.
Lightly beat with a blender, pour in glasses.
Serve immediately.