Puff buckwheat salad with herring

150 - 20 минут 3 порции

Fantasy on the theme of "Herring under a fur coat". Came out juicy, original and tasty. Offer this option and You on trial.

Ingredients for Puff buckwheat salad with herring

Step by step instruction of cooking Puff buckwheat salad with herring

Шаг 1

In boiling, salted water drop the bag of buckwheat Unground, TM Mistral and cook until tender about 20 minutes.

Шаг 2

While the buckwheat cooks, prepare the remaining ingredients.
My green onion, finely chop, add the 2.5 tbsp. spoons of mayonnaise, a little salt and stir.

Шаг 3

Radish wash, cut the tail and grate. Just add salt, add the remaining mayonnaise and mix.
Beets and carrots cut into cubes.
If You have a whole herring, clean from the bones, remove the skin and cut into pieces randomly. You can buy a ready herring pieces in oil.

Шаг 4

The second layer-radish with mayonnaise. Also even out and crush.

Шаг 5

Third layer-carrots with beets mixed in. Crush.

Шаг 6

Next, lay out the herring.

Шаг 7

On herring put the remaining buckwheat, level and crush again.

Шаг 8

The final layer of green onion with mayonnaise.