Meatless cabbage rolls with vegetables and chickpeas

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This recipe can please anyone interested in meatless meals! If we add the sour cream, the dish goes into the category of "all"! Cabbage rolls are cooked traditionally as rice and vegetable stuffing is complemented by two species of legumes. Tasty, useful and nutritious!

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Ingredients for Meatless cabbage rolls with vegetables and chickpeas

Step by step instruction of cooking Meatless cabbage rolls with vegetables and chickpeas

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Is the amount of products you will need if you use the whole cabbage. If the cabbage will be smaller, or not all of the worksheets to take to prepare, and the number of products for filling will decrease.
In this photo, chickpea dried, but it is necessary to prepare in advance, preferably during the day.

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First, the chickpeas soak for 4-6 hours, and can be left for the night. For soaking take water 3 times more than chickpeas, and a couple of times changing it. In the morning the water is drained and new, in the same proportions. Bring to a boil, remove the foam and then on a slow fire cook for 1.5 - 2 hours. If in the process of cooking will be enough water, then add boiling water. Salt the chickpeas at the end of cooking, 5 minutes before the end of cooking. The liquid is then necessary to merge and the chickpeas to cool.

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With cabbage remove the top leaves and cut the stalk.
In a large pot to boil the water, drop the cabbage and, after re-boiling, cook for 8-10 minutes. Then carefully remove, cool and disassemble on the leaves.

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While the cabbage cools, make the filling. Separately boil the rice (15-20 minutes) and red lentils (10 minutes). The liquid is drained through a sieve and let cool.
Onions finely cut, carrots three on a coarse grater.

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In a pan heat the oil and saute the onion. Then add the carrots and stir. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste, add dried Basil and mix well. Chopped garlic added at the request and the amount to taste! Simmer for 5 -8 minutes, take from the pan and allow to cool.

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Gather together all the ingredients for the filling: onions and carrots, chickpeas, rice and red lentils. All mix well and, if necessary, add salt, pepper and spices.

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The stuffing is ready and start doing the cabbage rolls. Thick part of cabbage leaf, lightly beat or cut.
On the edge of the sheet spread 1 - 1.5 tbsp filling

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And turn the envelope.
Cabbage rolls are placed in a convenient bowl. Separately, prepare the tomato sauce. On frying pan, heat tomato paste with vegetable oil (1-2 tbsp) Then add 150-200 ml of hot water or water in which boiled cabbage. All mix well, add salt to taste and add to the cabbage rolls. Bring to a boil, low down the heat and simmer under the lid for about 30 minutes or until tender cabbage.

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Stuffed cabbage is ready, calling all to the table!