Turkey meatballs "Tenderness"

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Dear friends, discover the secret of mouth-watering, lovely, airy meatballs! Take the basis of a Turkey fillet! Always it in dishes like me! And add is not in vain as butter! I don't want to scare You, cream is also added! All juicy it will be, I promise You! And delicious recipe for the family offer! Maybe not for the diet but great burgers! Health help yourself! And happy stay!

Ingredients for Turkey meatballs "Tenderness"

Step by step instruction of cooking Turkey meatballs "Tenderness"

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Turkey fillet wash, cut into small pieces and roll 2 times in a meat grinder with 200 g of butter at room temperature.

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Add the egg, salt, pepper (I got this time was half normal food, so the egg is tiny)

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Add the cream, important that they are thick.

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Carefully knead the minced meat until smooth.

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Put the meat in the package (preferably in two packets, and then can not stand) and bounce on the table.

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Form with wet hands cutlets, roll them in flour.

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Heat a little vegetable oil in a frying pan (friends, I want to see that would be logical to expect them to return for butter when frying, but they give him not so much).

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Cutlets are ready. Generally they can cook a wonderful sauce: Whisk in a bowl over a water bath 1 egg yolk, to increase in volume 2 times, pour 2 tbsp of dry white wine (still whisking) add the chopped tarragon and pour a trickle of cream 200 g of melted butter then continue whisking until thick and a little salt and pepper.

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And I want to draw your attention cutlets will be absolutely not fat and heavy!

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Bon appetit!