Syrup cones

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Useful (in the sense of health) the workpiece with a very interesting taste. A simple "axe". The site has a similar recipe, but there are many other layout ingredients and not a lot of other technology. About the medicinal "powers" of the workpiece You can find quite a lot of information on the Internet. It turns out that some kind of syrup, the consistency is closer to "may honey". Well, maybe a little thinner. Colds and all bronchial ailments - a very good thing. If you don't want to swallow all sorts of "Coldrex" - You are here...

Ingredients for Syrup cones

Step by step instruction of cooking Syrup cones

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In my area the bumps for this procurement are harvested from late may to mid June max.

Bumps thoroughly wash and give to drain the water...

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Sent bumps into a suitable pot, fill with water, add sugar, bring to a boil over medium heat, reduce the heat and cook for 45 minutes to 1 hour. No longer worth it.
Strain into another pot. The resulting syrup uvarivaniem for hours. Let it cool down completely and repeat the procedure provarivanija syrup...

Шаг 3

Pour (hot) in a large sterilized jars, add 4...5 knobs per jar, close boiled caps, flip, wrap it up and leave it to cool down.
Stored in the cellar or in a cool pantry.