Spicy beef sous vide

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Tender and juicy meat soaked in spicy aromas and a slight kick of fiery chilli! Excellent!

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Ingredients for Spicy beef sous vide

Step by step instruction of cooking Spicy beef sous vide

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Well chilled in the refrigerator for fresh meat to put in a bowl and RUB with spices, soy and oyster sauces and syrup. RUB all into the meat thoroughly. I had two small pieces of meat from the thigh.

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Lay smeared with meat in a bag and sivakumaraval. This can be done with a special device and do anything available. You can take a food package with zipper, close it almost to the end, inserting a straw for a cocktail. To lower the water to below the level of the meat and give air to exit, helping hands. The rest of the air to release through a tube and sharply pulling her close package of the end. In the most extreme case it may be enough to compress with your hands a food package and tie or use plastic wrap.

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Put the package of meat be soaked at a temperature of 60 degrees - this temperature will provide a "rare" medium. Cooking time depends on thickness of piece. I have a thickness of 2.5 cm was an hour and a half. The meat I cooked in multivarka mode control and put in already heated water, give a correction for reheating already with the meat. At the same time I cooked two packages of meat – one beef, which I laid out recently. A package of spicy beef I took out earlier, and a thicker piece left to prepare further.

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Package cool quickly under running cold water. You can add ice. Package cooled put into the refrigerator, where it can be stored up to feed 4-5 days.

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I kept the day, then took the bag from the refrigerator and put in heated to 60 degree water for 10 minutes.
The heated pieces were removed from vacuum and wet cloth.

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Quickly fry on a hot griddle pan, pressing with a spatula, for 15 seconds on each side, until Golden brown.

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On the grill pan roasted zucchini, onions, peppers and tomatoes. And a great side dish and a frying pan warmed up as needed!

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Served immediately with a side dish of grilled vegetables, sprinkle the dish with the balsamic, soy sauce and sprinkled with a mixture of Chile pepper from the grinder.

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Additionally I want to note that this cold meat is perfect for salads. Thai salads or a salad with roast beef – all cold beef sous-vide is just wonderful! Cook meat in advance without much hassle, you can quickly prepare a delicious treat.