Apple dessert sous vide

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Very tasty dessert, tender apples soaked in a wine syrup with spices, airy sponge cake and silky cream laughing Sabayon. Great finish of the dinner for adults!

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Ingredients for Apple dessert sous vide

Step by step instruction of cooking Apple dessert sous vide

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Well, I continue to play in a sous vide. Now the fruit!
The main interest was, of course, apples. I really love them and always glad to desserts with them. But not always able to properly cook the delicate flesh is easily digested. But using sous vide can not happen according to competent sources!)) Apples with Noisette I cut the balls and put them in acidulated water, not to dark.

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Mixed the sugar with the lemon juice and cinnamon, poured the wine and added brandy. Wine me a wine "Milk beloved woman." The flavors - wow! Moved here is apples and gently stir.

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Put the apples with the syrup into a vacuum bag and sealed with vacuum degasser.
Alternative ways to close the package I described in detail in the previous recipes.

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In multivarka on mode control heated water to 75 degrees and dropped the bag with apples. The cooking time took an hour and a half instead of the recommended two - feared - soft apples from me.

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While apples su-vidilis, baked a biscuit. Poured the dough is not thick layer, and baked on convection to dry. Notch cut out circles and cutting immediately fed the milk they are very crunchy! And circles left on the grill under the hood.

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The apples are ready, urgently them under ice cold water to stop the cooking process. Package cooled put into the refrigerator at night to better apples soaked.

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For the Sabayon is well mixed the yolks with the sugar and wine - not beat, but actively stirring with a whisk. Added brandy and vanilla.

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In a water bath warmed the custard to thicken while stirring. The bottom of the bowl the cream should not touch the boiling water! Cooked for about 10 minutes. Cream turns out very tender and not too thick. Ready cream cool quickly in ice water and put in half an hour in the refrigerator under the film.

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It remains to assemble the dessert. To open the bag of apples. The aroma is simply divine! And taste also did not disappoint! Bulbs tender, sweet and sour and such...sparkling a bit – lovely! So would the no frills! But – I collect on. On the bottom Cremano to stack mugs and biscuit impregnated with syrup from the apples. From above to lay out Apple balls and cover with the Sabayon.

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And serve! Well, very tasty!