Pancakes with egg filling

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Whether YOU love pancakes as we love them. In what form we just don't eat, here is one of them.

Ingredients for Pancakes with egg filling

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancakes with egg filling

Шаг 1

Put on fire water to rice and boil eggs

Шаг 2

Meanwhile make the dough for pancakes. I have my own time-tested:
Put all the ingredients in the mixer bowl and whip ( this amount will be enough for 5-6 pancakes 25 cm diameter)
For the sauce finely chop the herbs and mix with other ingredients.
When water for rice comes to a boil, add salt and put the bag of rice and forget about it for 12 minutes.
For the filling, greens finely chop.
When svaryatsya eggs, cool, chop and mix with greens. Season with salt and pepper.
******************** ****
On the pancake pan (preferably a frying pan for pancakes was separate)with small amounts of oil begin to bake the first pancake.
When one side is roasted, flip over 1/2 of the pancake to put the stuffing..

Шаг 3

To close the second half and fry on both sides.

Шаг 4

Rice to take out, to drain, to open the bag.
Serve with pancake, vegetables and sauce.
Bon appetit