Millet with liver and vegetables

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Another tasty dish from millet and liver with vegetables and cream. I recommend to try this dish with an unusual sauce that adds a pleasant taste to the side dish of millet and liver.

Ingredients for Millet with liver and vegetables

Step by step instruction of cooking Millet with liver and vegetables

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To prepare the right ingredients.

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Put the saucepan with 1 liter of water. When it boils, salt the and place the bag of millet. Put a timer on 20 minutes.
Marinate the liver for a few minutes, adding soy sauce, pepper, thyme, oil. Mix well.

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Cucumbers cut in, subtly at first in length and then across the short straw, adjust the amount of cucumbers in the acid.
Onion cut into feathers.
Preheat pan, add oil and put the liver and fry, stirring until colour changes of the liver, about three minutes.
Put onions in and mix. Fry for another three minutes.

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Then add the sliced cucumbers, mix well and simmer for another three minutes.

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Put the green peas, I got canned, brighter with frozen peas.
Mix well. All simmer over medium heat.

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Add cream, salt, pepper, add nutmeg. Stir, cover and leave for a few minutes on low heat.

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Remove the millet from the boiling water, let it drain and put it on a plate.

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On top of the millet to put the liver with vegetables and serve.

Bon appetit!