Egg roll with rice-vegetable filling

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We all know that cereals are very useful and necessary for our body products. Every housewife prepares it in different ways, but you can cook something else and discover these products on the other hand. This is an omelet roll not once rescued. If you have a little bit of everything, join, add any ready-made porridge for bundles and fullness, all wrapped in an omelet and prepared a full Breakfast or dinner.

Ingredients for Egg roll with rice-vegetable filling

Step by step instruction of cooking Egg roll with rice-vegetable filling

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Prepare the ingredients

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Start the water for boiling rice in bags, boil after boiling for 25 minutes, with salt added.
Meanwhile, to cook three scrambled eggs. Heat the pan with 1 tsp of vegetable oil.
Break 2 eggs with a pinch of salt and 2 tbsp milk.

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Pour the egg mixture into the pan and on medium heat fry on both sides. Are prepared quickly. As soon as the edges seized, can turn. Fry lightly on the other side. And so to make three omelets. Lay them on the table.

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Pour into the pan the remaining oil and put in the pan chopped onions, garlic and mushrooms.
Fry until Golden brown, season with a little salt.

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In the fried mushrooms with onion spread crab meat, diced, green peas, in theory - frozen, it is brighter, but in the absence of added from the jar. Pour in the wine, stir, add salt and pepper.

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Pulls out a bag of cooked rice in 25 minutes, drain the water.
Spread the rice to the pan, stir and turn off heat.
In a bowl, add ketchup and stir. Ketchup can be added directly in the filling or spread it over the omelette.

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Share, visually, into three parts the filling and immediately spread on laid out on the table omelets.

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Turn into the loaf.

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Decorate the top with ketchup and herbs.

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Bon appetit!