Chicken on the grill "yum"

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For this recipe I cooked the chicken Anton Makarsky and Victoria Morozova in the "on Sundays". Only they were fried in a pan. Well, we have the second holiday season we prepare so chicken on the grill. Highly recommended!

Ingredients for Chicken on the grill "yum"

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken on the grill "yum"

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The products required. Sunflower oil have to be unrefined (fragrant).

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To the chicken add the paprika, soy sauce and sparing sunflower oil. Well mash a chicken, it must be completely covered with oil.

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In the oil marinade to keep the chicken at least 2 hours, preferably leave overnight in the fridge (so the chicken turns out delicious). Then you can fry on the grill.

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The chicken turns out very tasty, with a slightly smoked aroma. Simply yum!

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Bon appetit!