Baked chicken in lemon-Basil sauce

125 - 25 минут 2 порции

Try to offer fragrant, tender chicken with lemon, Basil and honey. Absolutely sure that You will receive aesthetic pleasure from this dish. Juicy chicken, mouthwatering flavors of lemon and Basil, and fragrant rice with mint and garlic will not leave You indifferent. Preparing this dish very quickly and the result is festive and non-hackneyed taste. This chicken one of the favorite dishes of my family. Try it, it's very tasty.

Ingredients for Baked chicken in lemon-Basil sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Baked chicken in lemon-Basil sauce

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Cut each fillet lengthwise into 2 halves, you get 4 pieces. With a knife, make frequent punctures in the fillet, it is necessary for the best impregnation chicken sauce.

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For the sauce in a bowl, mix the juice of half a lemon, the zest from half the lemon, honey, olive oil, salt and chopped Basil. All the sauce is ready. In the sauce put chicken, mash.

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The chicken together with the sauce then place in a baking dish and place in preheated oven to 200 degrees for 10-15 minutes depending on thickness of fillet. You need to achieve the chicken is browned, but not dried, and the sauce became slightly viscous. Look at the oven. I baked it on the top shelf for 10 minutes at 220 deg.

Шаг 4

While cooking the rice for this dish is very suitable rice in packages "Kuban" company "Mistral" chop finely mint, Basil, parsley and garlic.

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In a pan heat olive oil, slightly fry the garlic, add mint and Basil. To reduce the amount of oil on the pan pour a little water in which cooked rice and a minute to warm up the greens.

Шаг 6

In the pan with the greens add cooked according to instructions the rice, stir, add salt if needed. Fragrant rice is ready.

Шаг 7

The chicken, too. If you want to baste the chicken with the sauce and put it on a second plate. In a baking dish pour a little boiling water or white wine, warm. Delicious sauce is ready too.

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Bon appetit!