Aromatic rice with coriander

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This dish Latin American cuisine goes well with fish, chicken, pork and other meat. The cilantro rice gives it the refreshing spicy flavor. Rice with cilantro could be not only a side dish but the main dish. The taste of lime and cilantro is bright enough so that if You are a big fan of these ingredients, it is better to look for another recipe.

Ingredients for Aromatic rice with coriander

Step by step instruction of cooking Aromatic rice with coriander

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Prepare the necessary ingredients.

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In a pot of boiling chicken broth or water add the rice bags, a little salt and simmer 30 minutes. I have rice in packages TM Mistral "amber".

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Cilantro to rinse, dry and finely chop. With the half a lime with a grater to remove the zest and squeeze the juice. If a small lime, use the whole fruit.

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After the specified cooking time, remove the bags of rice from the pan and put the rice in a bowl. Debait, cilantro, juice and zest of lime, passed through a press garlic.

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Mix well the rice with a fork, so the greens are evenly distributed. If necessary, add salt and pepper to taste.

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Serve and served to the table.
Nice appetite!