Salmon pork

78 - 30 минут 10 порции

Glory to our "butchers". Bought a brisket. The cut was only one bone and a lovely piece of pork loin. Silent, and decided to do dry-cured balyk pork. Except for the pork will need more gauze, twine, food, medical gloves, well, a small handful of spices.

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Ingredients for Salmon pork

Step by step instruction of cooking Salmon pork

Шаг 1

Loin from the belly was separated. Approximately, of course.

Шаг 2

RUB the meat with salt and put in a suitable container with a lid.
Put into the fridge for 3-4 days. Every day drain off the juice and massage the meat.

Шаг 3

After 3-4 days, take out the meat, spread on the cloth and thoroughly dry it.

Шаг 4

Take the spices and RUB them meat. Here and need gloves. I used a mixture of peppers, utsho-suneli, paprika and garlic powder, put the spices in layers. Of course you can mix everything together and coat the meat immediately.
Just know that this is not the pastrami. Other meat and coating. Just love the smell and taste of utsho-suneli. (utsho-suneli, Khmeli-suneli is a little different seasoning. So, for information.)

Шаг 5

First, a mixture of peppers, then utsho-suneli.

Шаг 6

Then the paprika and garlic.
Since the meat is quite dry, you have to RUB hard.

Шаг 7

Put the cheesecloth and put it on the meat.

Шаг 8

Tightly wrap the meat in cheesecloth layer 3-4, tied with twine. Make a loop and hung in a cool place for 6 days.
If the gauze gets wet - so much juice in the meat. Everything depends on the piece gruri and its longevity. :) Are deployed and wrapped in new cheesecloth.

Шаг 9

Something like that.
Keep salmon in the fridge, wrapped in parchment.