Mushrooms grilled in a spicy marinade

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Heartily recommend. My favorite recipe for picnics. If you love mushrooms like in our house - recipe for you! Even indifferent to the mushrooms after this snacks become their fans. Everything is prepared once or twice, but the result is just mind-blowing. It's all about the marinade)

Ingredients for Mushrooms grilled in a spicy marinade

Step by step instruction of cooking Mushrooms grilled in a spicy marinade

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Mushrooms wash and dry it, cut in half if the mushrooms are large.

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Prepare the marinade with a knife cut herbs if they are fresh. Grate the fresh garlic.
I use to only our favorite marinades Kikkoman.

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Gently mix the mushrooms with the marinade. Close with a lid.
The mushrooms must stand at least one hour - very convenient to pack up a container and go to nature)

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We need to wait until the coals burned. We will cook over medium-high heat.

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Carefully take the mushrooms on the skewers. From time to time, gently turn.