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Muffins to yogurt

Muffins to yogurt

Offer another recipe of buns. A long process, but the muffins turn out much tastier and more elaborate than to do them in an expedited manner. I egged the dough twice. You will spend the extra 30min, but the result will please you. The dough is prepared with the addition of semolina, no cereals and porridge and partially ordinary wheat flour was replaced with "flour for baking". Scones are not stale for a long time, are gentle and soft. To form them will be using the knife for slicing apples into slices. The idea of gratitude to Margaret V.

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Ingredients for Muffins to yogurt

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Muffins to yogurt

Step 1

For the dough. In the warm milk, crumble the yeast, add the sugar, add the flour.

Step 2

And knead the dough, as for pancakes.

Step 3

The bowl with the dough cover with plastic wrap or a lid and place in a warm place with no drafts for 30 minutes. During this time the yeast will begin to "work" and get such lush hair. Later, the cap will fall off and you will see bubbles. This means that the dough is ripe. I knocked out the sourdough and put in a warm place for another 10min. Its surface was smooth.

Step 4

While working the dough, it is necessary to cook porridge (plain) with milk and sugar, salt, add the butter. Cool.

Step 5

In a bowl put the cooled semolina, add the egg and protein, mix well, add sugar and a pinch of salt.

Step 6

Pour the natural yoghurt, add the yeast mixture, margarine (or butter), add the baking flour, mixed with baking powder.

Step 7

Wheat flour, ProSeal and enter parts for kneading dough (kneading my left 510г), add the orange zest and continue mixing, at the last stage, gradually pour in vegetable oil and mix it into the dough. The dough is slightly sticky, but more flour is not necessary. The bowl with the dough cover and put in a warm place for 1.5 hour. Yeast dough is afraid of drafts and noise, the best place for him oven. I heat the oven at 30C, turn off, leave only the light.

Step 8

The dough after 1.5 hours. On a cutting Board, ProSeal 50g of flour, put the dough and gently, gently knead at least 5 min. A bowl of grease with vegetable oil and put into it the dough, cover and put in warm place for 30min.

Step 9

Using 30min. put the dough on podpylenny flour work surface, divide into pieces of equal weight. I got 15pcs on a 76g. Each piece of dough lightly propylite with flour, flatten the bread, squeeze out the air, shape into a ball, pulling the corners of the dough to the center.

Step 10

Billet balls cover with cling film and leave to rest for 10min.

Step 11

Take a blank test. The knife dipped into flour, flatten them a blank test to the middle and slightly rotate left, right (I completely missed this point).

Step 12

The workpiece rolls to lay out on a baking tray, covered with baking paper at a distance from each other. Cover with foil and leave to rest for 20min.

Step 13

I got two baking trays.

Step 14

For 5 min. before baking, brush the billet with a mixture of yolk and cream.

Step 15

Optionally, you can sprinkle with poppy seeds.

Step 16

Bake in a preheated oven from 180C to 200C in about 20min., watch your oven. The finished rolls lay out on a grill, hot butter. Allow to cool completely. Chilled rolls to cover the baking paper and a towel. I keep them in the form of cake on the bottom Westlaw baking paper and close the lid.