Semolina pancakes with berries

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Pancakes, a great dish is not new! It is to us all from childhood so familiar! For Breakfast always sometimes help out! Their children and adults love! Friends, here is a recipe I want to share, and suddenly he's someone of You will come in handy! Berry, semolina, until the desired! Delicate, airy, and very, very tasty!

Ingredients for Semolina pancakes with berries

Step by step instruction of cooking Semolina pancakes with berries

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To connect semolina, soda, salt and baking powder.

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Beat the eggs with sugar.

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Yogurt to warm up (if you are unsure about the quality, it is possible in a water bath, so as not curled).

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Add yogurt to egg mixture.

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Mix well.

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Liquid kefir-egg mixture, pour into dry semolina mixture, mix well, the dough should be homogeneous.

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Pour in the melted butter, stir and leave in the warmth to swell for 30 minutes.

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The berries are thawed, dried, sprinkled with starch.

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In the finished dough to put berries.

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Mix well.

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On a heated with oil pan, put the pancakes with a spoon.

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Fry the pancakes on low heat on both sides until Browning and fully cooked.

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Pancakes are ready.

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Serve with sour cream, jam, condensed milk, honey.

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Bon appetit!