Barbecue "Traditional"

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I called this recipe "Traditional", because it's always cooked skewers only him and nothing else. And so it was not boring, alternate dark beer, dry wine, and experimenting with herbs. Sometimes in addition to the above ingredients, I use a mixture of herbs for barbecue, purchased in the open market for our Asian friends. IMPORTANT: Use only the NECK!!! No other part of pork is not suitable for cooking on skewers. Bow in any case not be cut into rings and put between the pieces of meat - it does not give the fry to the meat. But don't worry, we also have onions and marinade and cook, and of course to eat) Marinate the skewers quite 4 hours, but I prefer to marinate in the evening the next day.

Ingredients for Barbecue "Traditional"

Step by step instruction of cooking Barbecue "Traditional"

Шаг 1

Prepare all the ingredients. Large onions peel, small leave untouched. From meat, remove excess fat and veins.

Шаг 2

Cut the meat oblong pieces that are IMPORTANT and send it in the pan. Thanks to this thread, we can easily nanosem meat on the skewer along the fibers, while it does not rotate during cooking.

Шаг 3

Peeled onions, or grate on a coarse grater or chop in a blender. This onion paste in combination with wine (beer) will help to reveal the meat fibers. AND NO VINEGAR!

Шаг 4

Add the onions to wine (beer), herbs, soy sauce, vegetable oil and pepper mixture. SALT IS NOT ADDED!

Шаг 5

Small onions cleaned NOT CUTTING off "tails" and "butt". This is necessary in order to later it is not broken up into "parts")

Шаг 6

Cut larger bulbs in "quarters" smaller "halves".

Шаг 7

Add salt in about a half-hour or an hour before you send the meat on the coals. Not to miscalculate, I salt before you melt the grill.

Шаг 8

Take the meat along the fibers separate on the skewer strung bow, as pictured. Put the meat on "strong" coals, in order to "seal" the juice inside, and rotated the skewer, almost CONSTANTLY. The onion will put a bit later, when the meat starts to brown.
Bon Appetit!