Cheese on cheese from yogurt

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Long conquered the whole world, this delicious, glorious cheese! How many types of cheese know! We love it all! Helps us all! And with a snack on the table, while julienne and spaghetti! The miracle of these sandwiches! The soup is always tasty, someone in the likes casseroles! To vegetables and meat with the bird, he certainly will come in handy! Dear friends, remember the recipe, so humble and complexities just. Two liters of yogurt and some butter, added the egg and be ready!

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Ingredients for Cheese on cheese from yogurt

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Products. Cheese cook this recipe http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/141 830/?direct=1

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Let me remind you again: Kefir pour into a pan ( or bowl) put in the second pan, filled to half with water (steam bath). It is important that the bottom of the pan with the yogurt is not touching the water!

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Put on the fire as soon as the water boils, switch off immediately and allow to stand for kefir in a warm state, to boil and to not overdo!

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Then again bring to a boil, turn off, allow to stand for

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And so several times until the yogurt will not thick, it will thicken and start to separate the flakes from the whey

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Discard the yogurt in the colander with cheesecloth (I have 3 layers)

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Squeeze out excess liquid and hang the cheesecloth to the remains of the drained whey for 15-20 minutes

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To put the ready cheese from yogurt in a bowl (the saucepan), add the egg, butter, salt, soda, paprika

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All good mash with a fork until smooth with no lumps

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Again put on a steam bath once the melting process, and this is after 3 minutes, begin to continuously stir with a wooden spatula until the mixture reaches the status of processed cheese (yellow mass without lumps) It will take somewhere 10-15minutes

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The form should be prepared in advance, or plastic, or bamboo, smeared with butter. Prepared cheese curd is put in the form tightly and refrigerate for 2-3 hours

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Bon appetit!