Strawberry-raspberry cocktail "Soup of champagne"

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Soupe de champagne. Hi, I want to share a recipe with such a funny name, he is originally from France. Like cocktails there is a great variety, they love to serve during the holidays. This variant is distinguished by its bright berries and summer flavor. Like even my husband who doesn't usually like champagne cocktails.

Ingredients for Strawberry-raspberry cocktail "Soup of champagne"

Step by step instruction of cooking Strawberry-raspberry cocktail "Soup of champagne"

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Cocktail is desirable to start cooking the day before serving. With orange to remove the zest and squeeze the juice. Also squeeze the juice from half of a lemon.

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Mix the orange juice, lemon juice, zest apelsina, raspberries (250 g) strawberries (250 gr) strawberry liqueur (200ml) and sugar (1.5 cups, 1 Cup = 200 ml). Shake it turns out sweet enough, sugar can be put less, and at the end to add if anything. Leave overnight in the fridge.

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Then this mixture and grind in a blender. But you can leave the berries whole. As you like. Before serving, add chilled champagne.

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I got 7 glasses of 200 ml.