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Cake for mom

Cake for mom

My mom loves this cake. Decided to cook for her birthday! The dough was not difficult to prepare and contains a minimal amount of oil. Try it!

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Ingredients for Cake for mom

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cake for mom

Step 1

Beat sugar with butter until fluffy. Add the egg and whisk.

Step 2

Separately sift and mix dry ingredients.

Step 3

To combine mixture and pour in the milk. Knead the dough. Put into the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Step 4

Take the dough divide into equal portions (I got 8 pieces). Roll out each part very thin. The edges were smoother, you need to trim the edges with the dish. Bake 200* for 5 minutes.

Step 5

Once all the cakes are ready, allow them to cool. At this time, whisk cream. Collect the cake. Each Korzh coat with cream and decorate as desired (I made chocolate and marmalade, as well as in a portion of the cream added green dye). Put the cake in the fridge for 12 hours (I left overnight).