Flatbread with greens "Five minutes and you're done"

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Dear friends, I want to apologize, but with the dough I do not really like to mess around.. So tasty and just always choose! Pellet instant You offer! Gently, very flavorful! And cook is so nice! Difficulties in prescription, there will be glorious our dinner! For the first dishes! Someone bread will bake! In General, all that you want! In a fun sculpt!

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Ingredients for Flatbread with greens "Five minutes and you're done"

Step by step instruction of cooking Flatbread with greens "Five minutes and you're done"

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Garlic skip through the press, dill slice. All the components knead. The dough should stick to hands. Knead until then, until the dough begins to lag behind the dishes and the hands slightly ( about 5 minutes ).

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Leave to rise in a warm place

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When the dough is ready, roll pieces of dough in the flour with your hands to shape small cakes

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Spread on a heated pan

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Fry them with 2 sides as cakes.

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Tortillas ready. Well suited to hot dishes, with soup, pea and mushroom soups

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And if you want to make bread, please! Will have approached the dough, punch down, roll in flour and put in a baking dish, greased or with parchment. To give again to come and bake bread in the oven at 180* until Golden brown.

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Bon appetit!