Arrows garlic chicken and sesame seeds

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Happy to share with you the recipe of the arrow of garlic. Can't even tell which one taste better and what is not. Well, all delicious, each in its own way with its taste and aroma. Join us and prepare for their loved ones.

Ingredients for Arrows garlic chicken and sesame seeds

Step by step instruction of cooking Arrows garlic chicken and sesame seeds

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Slightly frozen meat chicken ( I have legs, breast), cut into thin wedges, add to the bowl. Add soy sauce, mustard, ground pepper, mix well. Leave for half an hour.

Шаг 2

Preheat the pan with oil and put the meat, stir and fry for two to three minutes. All cook on low heat.

Шаг 3

Cut into strips bell pepper.

Шаг 4

To the meat to lay out arrows of garlic, chopped 5-6 cm Stir and heat couple of minutes. If the hands are hard, it is better to pre-boil.

Шаг 5

Add to the pan pepper and simmer, stirring occasionally until tender. At this point, try and add salt or pepper.

Шаг 6

As soon as the arrows will be olive in color, add the sesame seeds and let slightly brown, stirring occasionally.

Шаг 7

Ready snack to shift from the frying pan into the pan in which you will bring to the table. Delicious with boiled young potatoes.

Bon appetit!